Spring is Almost Here...WOW

It's almost the end of 1st quarter 2018! These past two months have absolutely flown by! I hope your year is starting off good and I hope and pray if not, better days are just ahead! When I think of how fast time is passing by, it makes me even more committed to taking advantage of every moment I'm given. Life is very unpredictable and God didn't promise me years, but He promised He'd be with me at every step.

When I was younger, I wasn't thinking long-term. There's nothing like getting older to teach us about inevitability like time. I began to see things differently. I'm not quick to waste more years floundering. I'm more goal-oriented. And, when the body begins to break down, I realize even more so that it's imperative I do what I can while I can do it! Time is very precious.

I also think taking out time to do what is most important is essential like spending as much quality time with family and friends. Hubby and I had always worked so hard that we didn't hang out together for fun but on weekends. Well, that led to a lot of burnouts! We recently changed the way we run our business so that we can have more time for each other even if only a couple of hours and then go back to work. I find that helped my mood and prevented those 2 PM crashes. And, of course my morning exercise routine is a God-send. I made excuses before for not walking everyday but not anymore and my day turns out a lot better for it.

Here's a few other things I like to do with my time.

  1. Do something creative. I like to do anything creative every evening. I set my clock to remind me and anything creative means: crochet, color in a coloring book, break out of my inks and stamps to make a card, look at a creative YouTube video, write a blog post, look for photos for a future blog article... I think you get the point. But by thinking creatively during this time, it helps my mind rest from work and business and do something fun.
  2. Write in my journal. Writing with a pen every week is really good for me. I enjoy jotting down my thoughts in a book. I sometimes will write a poem or sketch, well... doodle... in it. There's something special about picking up a book and writing in it. Plus, I like to go back read old entries.
  3. Play games. I've always been a gamer! I like simulation games the best and I play one game on my iPad with a good friend of mine and it helps me relax at the end of the day. It's not one where I have to use my brain, I just get to design my restaurant, plant crops, and cook dishes! It's a fun game to play. Sometimes, friends of ours will have a game day where we get together for a meal and play cards. I love this too because we're with dear friends having good, clean, fun.
  4. Reading. I'm not a big reader, but I do like to read magazines, catalogs, and other bloggers that I follow. Many times I get inspiration for a future post and I learn new things. Another relaxing way to end a day.
  5. Play on social. I don't use social media as much as I used to because it took way too much of my time away, but I will go on Facebook for a few minutes to post or comment and run my crochet/knitting page. However, I do spend more time on Pinterest because there's just so much to see! I get all kinds of ideas and I love to save patterns, recipes, and even decor desgn ideas to my boards.
What do you like to do with your time? Volunteer?, visit friends?, travel?, cook or bake? Tell me by commenting!

picture courtesy of pixabay.com