Through the Eyes of a Little Girl

When I was a small girl, my outlook on the world was very different. I was inquisitive, searching, learning, taking everything into my little brain that I could. My eyes were wide and brown and I wanted to understand it all. I trusted easily, I quickly loved, I was comfortable in my surroundings and I loved to pick flowers. But...things changed when I grew up.

Years came and went bringing much trying times and suddenly my calmness was replaced with fear, my curiosity became suspicion, my bubbly personality eventually turned into isolation and shyness. I couldn't trust nor make friends easily. Whenever I got hurt or disappointed, I tried to shield my pain with an imaginary band-aid which didn't cure it. It only helped me to cope a little while longer. My outlook on life from a teenager into a young adult was quite dismal. It was when I turned 25 that I met Jesus. I knew the experience I had with Him when I got saved was real, I know that. But, it wasn't easy letting go of my past. That took me some years.

Jesus wants us to go back to that childlike faith we had before all the junk in our lives happened. That comes with blind faith and nothing else. I couldn't take back the pain I went through nor bring back all the people I love who died. I couldn't make that people that broke my heart years and years ago ask me for forgiveness. These things I must trust and leave with God. My eyes have to stay on Him and not anything else.

A childlike faith doesn't mean we don't use wisdom or discernment, it really means that we lean on Jesus and trust Him that He will always do His best for us no matter what happens around us, no matter if we understand His ways, and no matter how we might be feeling at the time. A child trusts his or her parents, because there's safety in that relationship. Well, there's safety in Jesus. He came back just so that He could fellowship with us forever. So if I can just abandon my will and what I think I want and accept His will for me, then nothing that rears its ugly head to get me down will get me down.

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