Left Behind

A week ago, I was really sick...so much so that I had no energy to do much of anything. So, I spent most of the time resting which is hard for me. I like to be busy. And when you have days and weeks off trying to recuperate, your mind can begin to wander. One of the reasons I like being busy is that I don't have time to think back. Well, I found myself dwelling in a bad place, thinking of how my life could have been different. I was rehashing over my bad choices when I stopped and prayed. Thank God He was there to remind me:

  1. You have all your basic needs met. There's a HUGE population in the world who don't. I've been close to the brink but I didn't lose everything in a hurricane like my dear friends did. And, I lived in FL for 18 years and God kept me all that time and moved us in 2012 to a cooler and more stable climate that I like. He healed my breathing problems.
  2. You can't change what was. But you can make tomorrow better. Focus on today, right now. What can you do now? You can work on areas that need improvement. You can put forth the effort to make each moment count. You can set realistic goals and plans and then reward yourself after reaching each milestone. What in particular? Well, like: (a) we both improved our credit scores; (b) save something out of every check that comes in; (c) take better care of our bodies; (d) de-clutter what we are not using or wearing, (e) keep prayer at the center of everything we do, etc.
  3. You have a hobby. For me, crafting is a hobby, a lifestyle and an extension of me. I love to create with my hands. It's a feeling I can't describe. And, I want to make this my final career so I'm working at that.
  4. You're involved. We joined Backpack for Kids. It's a ministry our church does to help feed children at risk in our area who don't have enough food to eat. We get together every week and pack food (healthy food items) and our church delivers the food to the schools who hand them out. It's a great ministry and I absolutely love it! I also crochet prayer shawls for the ladies' ministry and they are given to anyone in need of special comfort. Hubby and I also try to participate in local community events and support other causes and artists. By meeting other people, it helps me focus on something other than me and I can give back to God.
In other words, just because I made some goofs in my past doesn't mean my life is over and just accept my lot. The enemy wants us to believe that our lives will never measure up or that we're missing out on something great. But he's a liar. God has worked with many people from the Old to the New Testament who messed up and still they did incredible works. I think of:

  1. Abraham and Sarah. They took matters into their own hands. How many times have I done that? Still, God promised them a son and He delivered. Through their son, Isaac, the twelve tribes of Israel came thereby making them the patriarch and matriarch of a nation.
  2. Samson. Samson messed up falling for the wrong woman. Haven't I ever fallen for the wrong guy that I had red flags about?! Yet, when Samson remembered his Nazarite vow, he prayed, God heard and answered him. It cost him big, but he repented when it really counted.
  3. Moses. He took matters into his own hands too and had to run for his life. It would be 80 years later that God could use him again. But WOW, he led his people out of bondage. 
  4. Jonah. Jonah rebelled against God and tried to run away from his calling. God wasn't having that and had a big fish to swallow him and bring him right back to the point of his disobedience. He repented and led the biggest revival ever recorded...an entire city repented before God.
God has worked through frightened, timid people like Joshua, Barak, Gideon, and Timothy. He never gave up on them and through these folks, wars were won, the gospel message preached and worlds turned upside down. There's many more in the Bible that miracles came by. I know these people are long gone but their stories live on and they were ordinary folks like us with the same issues we have to today: fear, uncertainty, impatience, worry, anger, and depression. But, The Lord never lets those things stop Him from helping us through these emotions. And with our cooperation, He'll work miracles through us too.

I'm so thankful that I had a little talk with Jesus and He brought all this back to me to help me remember where to keep my thoughts. Always and forever, on Him. Left behind my past and all those choices in lieu of what God has for me tomorrow.

photo courtesy of Kim McDougal


  1. I've been sick the past few days, too. It's a good time to focus on God and His promises. Good read.

    1. Hi Nina! I hope you're feeling better :) Yes, it was a bad time to be sick but a good time to spend with The Lord as to what really is important! Hugs to you!