How I Find Content + 60 Lifestyle Blog Post Title Ideas

Have you suffered from writer's block? Are you struggling to write new, interesting content? It happens to us Bloggers even with much planning ahead. As part of my "Blogging, my Future Dream Job" series, I thought I would write on this topic today.

I try to write down blog topic ideas for the next month but there have been times when nothing comes to my mind. And I have gone weeks without writing a thing because I just couldn't get the ideas to come easily. If this has happened to you, don't feel bad and don't worry. There's a solution and I'll list some things I do to get the creative juices flowing again and later in this post, I'll list some possible blog topics if you need some inspiration.

Why does the creativity come and go?

I'm not really sure I know but I know that it does. Possibly because as a creative person, we feel a pressure to always look at things differently and bring about new and provoking content for others to think or ponder about. And, when that gift eludes us, it can make us feel that we've lost our creative edge. Well, nothing could be further from the truth.

Here's some things I do to get going when I'm in a creative rut:

  1. Take a sufficient break. I get away from the computer and spend some quality time just being quiet. I like using that time to pray and read my bible. It's amazing the ideas God gives me when I'm quiet!
  2. Use Pinterest. This is a great tool to get inspired on. I create new boards and go through my feed saving pins for topic ideas.
  3. Look through photos. Pictures are a great visual to spawn creative ideas. I look at food photography and a recipe might come to me or I'm looking at crafting pictures and that will give me suggestions for upcoming posts.
  4. Magazines (online/offline): Since I'm visual, I like looking through catalogs and magazines for inspiration.
  5. Go outside. Walking in the mornings is my exercise routine and my God time. I feel refreshed and ready to work afterwards. Sometimes just a change in scenery is all you need to spark creativity.
  6. Cook/bake: I like to cook so even just making an easy dish like a grilled cheese panini can relax my mind.
  7. Power nap. If you're working really hard, you body might need rest. You'd be surprised how a 30-minute nap will rejuvenate you.

60 Lifestyle Blog Post Title Ideas

Here's some post topic examples if you're needing writing inspiration!

  1. 10 facts that most people probably don't know about you
  2. Q&A session with your followers (have them submit questions that you can answer in a post)
  3. What's on your reading list
  4. Favorite beauty/crafty/tech products you're loving lately
  5. How you stay inspired to blog
  6. Favorite places to vacation
  7. Goals you want to achieve from your bucket list
  8. Bloggers you like to follow and why
  9. Your favorite mobile apps
  10. Where you like to shop
  11. How has God changed your life
  12. Lessons you learned last month/year
  13. Favorite recipes either you've cooked or altered
  14. What's in your crafty bag?
  15. Products you love to use in your industry (yarn, beauty, art, etc.)
  16. How you keep busy when not working
  17. What are your favorite movies that have impacted you
  18. How you use a planner to stay organized
  19. How you plan your blog posts
  20. YouTubers you love to watch
  21. Share projects you're currently making (with pics)
  22. Blog resources you recommend
  23. What would you do differently if you could?
  24. What you wished you knew about blogging back when you first started
  25. What motherhood has taught you (if you're a mother) OR what your mother taught you
  26. Honoring the person/people who were influential in your life
  27. Your morning/evening routine
  28. How you to stay fit and healthy
  29. Software programs you can't live without
  30. Bible scriptures that keep you uplifted and inspired
  31. Fashion trends you like
  32. Photo tips you use for your blog and social
  33. Top social networks you use the most
  34. Starting a home business (if applicable)
  35. Why did you start blogging?
  36. How you conquer boredom
  37. Adapting to a more minimalistic lifestyle
  38. How to save money grocery shopping
  39. Advice you'd give a young person
  40. Product review or sponsored post (if you're working with a brand company)
  41. Monthly roundup of tools/products/apps you're using a lot
  42. Travel/packing tips
  43. Your pet story
  44. Church ministries you're in and why
  45. How you make the most use out of your time 
  46. Your best meal prepping tips
  47. Local charities/causes in your area that you support
  48. Award(s) you've received
  49. How to wear accessories (scarf, shawl, etc.)
  50. What's in your capsule wardrobe?
  51. Update a previous post (especially if you linked to other sources because information changes over time)
  52. Your favorite restaurants to frequent
  53. Your best/worst moment and what you learned from it
  54. Games you like to play (phone/Facebook/video/board/card)
  55. How do you relax?
  56. Items that would make great gifts
  57. How you decorate your tablescape
  58. Planning/hosting an event (dinner, birthday party)
  59. Lessons you're trying to teach your kids
  60. Blog designs you really like

And one more recommended tip I just thought of is keeping a tablet and pen nearby because ideas can come and go in an instant! So, I try to write down those ideas as soon as I can. Even if I go in a different direction than my initial thought, I still can use the original idea in a future post and it may spark other ideas.

I believe the important thing to remember is all us creatives go through a rut here and there, it's not unusual and it doesn't mean you're failing. My blog frustrates me at times, I run out of steam, I get tired of coming up with content, sometimes I get depressed looking at my web stats but even so I love my blog very much and I know that I want to do this full time forever. A blog is very much like any relationship, it takes work but it's rewarding in the end.

What methods do you use to create content for your blog? Tell me by commenting below!