My Very First Crochet Sweater

I know I entitled this post my very first crochet sweater, it's actually my third but the reason I'm calling it my first is because it's actually got long sleeves and made specifically for the Fall. I used a little over 6 skeins of Lion Brand's Jeans yarn (colorway: vintage). The pattern is the Crochet Lil Denim Cardi from Ashleigh of Sewrella and here's the link to her pattern. She also did a step-by-step video tutorial on YouTube in case you're a visual learner like me. Here's the link to that video.

This is the 2nd go around with her pattern, the other sweater I made is short sleeves which her pattern is designed for. But this sweater I really wanted long sleeves and go half up my hands so instead of stopping, I kept crocheting for about 48 rounds to get the sleeves the length I wanted. I'm 5'7" so medium tall! I also added a new touch...fabric label for care instructions! YAY! So happy about that because it just makes our handmade items more professional. I bought my tags from Quality Woven Labels. They have a special going on when you buy 100 labels, you get another 100 free and the turnaround time was fast. You can design your labels the way you want from their website very easily and they are very affordable too.

I didn't know how I felt about the yarn at first because I had never worked with it. I actually loved it by the time I was almost finished making this sweater, it really drapes nicely and perfect for making garments. I will say that it can get tangled easily and I did have to battle that a bit. But that's my only complaint. I really love all Lion Brand's yarns anyways so I plan to buy more of the Jeans colorways cause I want a brown sweater or maybe a kimino that's asymmetrical. 

If you're interested in purchasing the yarns, I'll list an affiliate link to Amazon and if you buy it, you'll be helping to support my blog and online shop and I thank you much!

Lion Brand Yarn 505-108 Jeans Yarn, Brand New

This yarn is really soft which is important since I'd be wearing it. And the yarn label says it's machine washable and dryable but I'd probably hand wash it because I try to be careful washing all my handmade items except for the knitted dishcloths! LOL! Each skein is 246 yards and it's a #4 worsted weight and works great with a 6.5mm K crochet hook. In fact, I replaced my crochet hooks with longer shaft ones, here's a link to the set I bought and I absolutely LOVE them! They are longer than the typical hooks :)
12 Extra Long Crochet Hooks with Ergonomic Handles
I actually stopped using my Crystallites in favor of these hooks, they are so comfortable in my hand and I can crochet for longer hours without pain. I love em and I plan to buy a 2nd set for backup! I highly recommend them :)

Here's a couple more pics of me in my lovely sweater, pics taken by my handsome hubby!