Crochet for the Home: My New Collection for the Holidays

Back in 2016 I think it was, I made sock snowmen for the Holidays and boy they were a HUGE hit! I enjoyed making them but what could I do to follow that up? Well, I didn't do much last year but this year I decided to focus on home decor. I saw these crocheted hot pads on some blog site (can't remember where) but I knew I wanted to learn how to make them because they were doubled in thickness to handle anything hot you'd put on them.

After searching endlessly for a pattern, I finally came across a video tutorial teaching the technique. I made a couple but I knew I would have to alter the pattern because single crocheting for long periods of time hurt my fingers and wrist too much. You crocheters out there know what I mean! So I decided to mix single crochets with my favorite stitch, the half double crochet! And, it worked out so good because the stitches are still tightly close together and because it is a doubled thickness, the size typically is around 7-1/2" x 7", large enough for a pot to sit on. I loved how my first few turned out. So, I bought more cotton yarn by Sugar & Cream! Love working with it and I got some in solid colors and some verigated so I could mix and match.

I crocheted my collection in sets of 2 and there are a total of 10 sets. Each set sells for $10. As I said, most of them are around 7-1/2" x 7" with the exception of, I think, 2 sets that are slightly smaller. I think these will make perfect additions to the kitchen and a great gift for the Holidays. I'm selling these at the Florence Regional Arts Alliance in Florence Oregon so all my local peeps, get down there before they're all gone! LOL!

Here's a lookbook of each set, I took both a front and back of each one and gave them cutesy names! Couldn't help it! LOL!

"Christmas White" Crochet Hot Pad Set

"Christmas Pink" Crochet Hot Pad Set

"Christmas Red" Crochet Hot Pad Set

"Lemon Vanilla" Crochet Hot Pad Set

"Pinky Mauve" Crochet Hot Pad Set

"Peachy" Crochet Hot Pad Set

"Key Lime" Crochet Hot Pad Set

"Rainbow" Crochet Hot Pad Set

"Vanilla Chocolate" Crochet Hot Pad Set

"Lemon Lime" Crochet Hot Pad Set

Photo of my Collection at Florence Regional Arts Alliance

Depending on how this collection does in sales will determine if I make more or add to this with dish cloths or some other home decor item. If you're in or near the Florence Oregon area, stop by the Art Center! Click here for directions and hours of operation!