Have You Seen my New Etsy Store?

It was time for a change. I've had my Etsy shop since 2013 and to tell the truth I hadn't done much with it. There were a few items in it and I made some sells but I didn't really take it seriously like as a second income...that is, until now.

It's not unheard of to have multiple streams of income especially in our changing world today. Most of us Creatives need several ways to earn money in order to pay bills and fund our crafts. In my case, I thought that would be crocheting and knitting garments and accessories but because of the pain in my hands and shoulders I had to change gears to cardmaking. I made cards years ago so it wasn't so much a learning curve as it is to learn the new products available and how to use them.

I've since almost gone back to school to learn to create! LOL! And, my husband and I made a small investment for me to get the right machines, tools and supplies so I can make the kind of greeting cards I like. With that done, I watched YouTube video tutorials like a hawk picking up all the tricks and techniques I could. At first, I struggled so much so that I thought I would just give up. Hubby said, "no, keep trying, you'll get it." He was right. He's a keeper!

When you are creating, you have what's called: "personal style". This means there's a certain way you like to make and so when people see a design they'll instantly know it belongs to you. Think of Thomas Kinkade. He's gone but his paintings are well known and anybody looking at one knows he painted it. I took a look at my website designs to try to learn my personal style and one thing was consistent across the board. I like a minimalist look with neutral colors and plenty of white space. I also like a feminine look using colors like rose gold, seafoam and pastel colors. I try to incorporate this into my cards as well as my Etsy store layout.

I also knew I wanted to make easy cards with not a lot of elements going on. I love those kinds of cards but I had to take into consideration my time. Since I work full time + help run hubby's business, my cardmaking has to be quick as well. I'm continuing to learn new techniques but trying to find ways to tailor to me and mass produce at the same time. I've even dabbled into watercoloring which I am enjoying immensely! I have a nice set of watercolors and brushes but there are techniques where you can even use ink pads to mimic watercolor that are just beautiful. You'll see a bunch of new cards in my Etsy Shop.

You'll also see the last of my handmade crochets and knits. I have winter hats for women for $25/ea., but also my "Crochet for the Home" collection of hot pads. At the time of this posting, there's nine sets of them for $20/set. There's also a couple of infinity scarves also for $25/ea., made from nice yarns and finally, if you want to learn to crochet, I wrote an eBook to get you started. It sells for $7 as a download PDF. It's a great referral for experienced crocheters as well.

Take another look around my Etsy shop for your next gift buying experience!

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  1. Love your work my friend so much talent and love goes into each piece

    1. OH Thank you so much Kimberly! Your friendship and support means the world to me! HUGS!