If I were to describe myself in one word, I was say I'm a creator. For years, I didn't think I could actually call myself an "artist" because I don't have formal art training. My background began in business and secretarial studies. I learned to type early and that skill earned me many jobs but I was never happy. Something was missing but I wasn't quite sure what it was.

My career spanned from word processing to network administration and I found that I liked computers a lot so I moved into software and hardware repair. When my first husband passed away, my world turned upside down. For about 11 years, I wandered further and further into darkness. My faith in Christ had been strong before that but I fell apart after he died. I wanted my life to end too and I remember asking The Lord to take me too. I'm glad He didn't answer that prayer. I moved to Florida and it was working as a word processor that things would turn. I was able to learn on the job graphic design and I loved it. The two things I was good at coming together...creating graphics and computers.

I transitioned into web design which was easy to do because graphics are definitely used in that industry and I created websites for several years and learning WordPress. Though I enjoyed creating graphics, I really wanted to be an artist working with my hands. I prayed for a few years what to do.

A little over five years ago, my 2nd hubby and I moved to Oregon. It was a HUGE step but we felt The Lord leading us here. And when we joined a church, I got involved with the women's ministry. They had weekly crafting classes and that's when I got reconnected with crocheting. I learned it when I was 12 but I was only able to make one pattern: shawls! It was fine but I didn’t know how to read patterns or make anything else so I put down the crochet hooks. After going to the crafting classes, I learned so much more which led to knitting and weaving. I found my artistry and I can’t imagine my life without yarn.

Creating with yarn is fulfilling to me and when I can see someone wearing something I made, the feeling is just more than I can explain. But, I knew The Lord wanted me to use my crafts for ministry too so I started a prayer shawl ministry at my new church. Making shawls for women who are going through hard times and praying over each one before it leaves my house is just so special.

I'm a big fan of the fashion years of the 20's & 30's when men and women dressed up and wore hats and gloves! My hat collections is steadily growing and so are my gloves.

Hubby and I both love the place The Lord has brought us in our life since moving from Florida. If you want to know more about our faith, you can read it about here.

~ Kim McDougal, Owner

Kim's credentials: Before deciding to brand her name and turn her blog kimmcdougal.com into a lifestyle blog, she was the creator and designer of several blogs: "Ordinary Recipes Made Gourmet" which ran for three successful years back in 2003. She also is the creator of "I Love Salads", "Treats of Sweets", "Beautiful Food", "Growing Up in Grace" and "Styling Modest". It just made more sense to have everything she loves under one umbrella so that her blog can grow as she grows.