Selling my First Painting
at the Local Art Center - $175

Selling my First Painting at the Local Art Center - $175

I am so excited! I've been working on this idea in secret for a few weeks and in secret only because I wasn't sure how it would turn out and if I could really display and sell my art. I've always been in love with transforming hubby's photos into paintings on my computer and I did a little of this when we were doing portraiture work in Florida. However, this is different...

Besides having my shop where I handpicked the items I promote, I always wanted to create my own handmade collection. It's been a long-term dream of mine. So, check out my Etsy store :)

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Knitting Basics

Knitting Basics

I'm still a new knitter and as such, I think this basic information is vital to getting starting and enjoying it. And, a great reference guide for advanced knitters.


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